In preparation for NATEF certification, the following information and links are provided

Standard 1 - Purpose

Standard 1.1 - Employment Potential

Standard 1.2 - Program Description/Goals

Standard 2 - Administration

Standard 2.1 - Student Competency Certification

Diploma Example

Standard 2.2 - Chain of Command

The campus organization chart is available in the policy and procedures manual under section 100.  A copy is available here.

Standard 2.3 - Administrative Support

Standard 2.4 - Written Policies

Campus wide policies are available as part of the MSUN Policy and Procedure manual

Certain College specific policies are established and maintained within the COTS.

COTS Lab Safety Policy

COTS Lab Policy

COTS Work order Policy

Vehicle Checkout

Standard 2.5 - Advisory Committee




Standard 2.6 - Public/Community Relations

Standard 2.7 - Customer Vehicle Work

Standard 3 - Learning Resources

Standard 3.1 - Service Information

Standard 3.2 - Multimedia

Standard 3.3 - Instructional development Services

Standard 3.4 - Periodicals

Appendix I - Articulation Agreements

A comprehensive list of articulation agreements

Agreement with Great Falls Public Schools (pdf)

Agreement with UM Helena College of Technology

Agreement with Montana Tech College of Technology


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