Faculty Evaluation

Updated list per Provost's office.

Visit scheduled Course Comp. Folder type of review
1st Year:
Brad Kolberg         1st Yr by Provost or Designee
2nd Year          
Barb Zuck          
3rd Year:          
   Trygve Magelssen  
   Lorren Schlotfeldt 
5th Year:
   Michael Miller
   Carlson, Kevin 


   Thackeray, Darryll 
Promotion Applications

Plus anyone not scheduled for one of the above reviews but who is planning on applying for tenure and/or promotion will need to be evaluated by the chair, as well as submit a package.  See section 7 of the contract.

Rough Schedule Milestones

November 15 Peer reviews must be competed

Interviews with Post-Tenure faculty completed

December 1 Application packages must be submitted to Provost
December 6 packages will be forwarded to College FEC
February 1 The College Chair will forward to the Provost and the faculty member a written evaluation (Post-Tenure review)
February 15 Faculty Evaluation Committee recommends to college chair and provost
March 1 Chair will forward recommendation to Provost and applicant (copy to chair of FEC) for Promotion, Tenure, Probationary reviews only.
March 31 Provost will forward recommendation to Chancellor and applicant (copies to chair and FEC)
April 30 Chancellor will notify applicant of decision
May 15 Approved applications for promotion and/or tenure will be forwarded to the Board of Regents

Evaluations of faculty are to be conducted by the College Chair in accordance with the MSUN/FT contract.

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