COTS Meetings




      Minutes of COTS meeting from 11/04/04 - don't exist so we won't approve today




Gen Ed update (Janet Trethway)


CIS/CPET/EET program revisions to form the new ISET degree program


METL 140, METL 154. or permission of instructor to be added as a pre-requisite for art metal 353.  Comments/ concerns?


Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation Committee - Bob Miller - files in my office.

            Chair review - request that P&E committee consider.

Introduce new recruiters - delayed, both are 'on the road' 

        Will Anderson is in Livingston/Bozeman area

        Mike Lee is in Big Timber area (will be on the road until 12/20)



        Finals week responsibilities of faculty



Brockmann 203 - during days of the week - projector is on -- bulbs are $500.00

Classroom problems


Faculty capital distribution requests


DIES Field Maintenance and Welding certificate approval by BOR


Update on Hensler contribution to ATC center???  And equipment money donation ????

    Federal Grant

    OCHE Matching fund for 2 yr education


Web Site Progress -


      Current Projects:

            Canola oil

            Mint oil

            PD5 testing

            Oil lab transport



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